Guided visit to the inner romantic garden

In the heart of the town of Padua, a few steps away from the Basilica del Santo hidden, secret and silent there is a romantic garden designed by the venetian architect Giuseppe Jappelli, between 1839 and 1840.

The famous doctor Giacomo Andrea Giacomini, to whom Jappelli was linked by the same massonic faith and personal friendship, asked him to restore also the house, the suppose fifteen hundred clinic previously earned by the famous doctor G.B. Da Monte.

Giacomini Palace, located at 51 Via del Santo, was bought in 1917 by the illustrious doctor Giorgio Romiati and now belongs to his nephews Giorgio e Giancarlo Romiati.

Completely concealed by the severe, impenetrable front of the palace facing the road, the visitor acceds to the inner space like a theatrical wing in which the prospects of the building, open on the garden, immerse the visitor in an atmosphere full of evocative suggestions