Bronze Egypian style statuettes in the hall

The prospect of the palace facing via del Santo is design with simplicity and clear lines. The simple posture of the public front is contraposed to the neo-gothic “affacci” over the inner court. The contrast is very strong, as it is the sensation of wonder which one feels passing from the rigor of the outer front to the creative composition of the inner prospects.

The eastern front presents two portals in which is inserted a fountain made in Carrara marble. The southern prospect is articulated in several “aperture” in an ample neo-gothic decorative setting, which follows the modalities of the jappelian style. The central part has three doors communicating to the outside through a short staircase; above, the rhythm of the triple interlacing of the upper head of the windows confers it a sense of movement.

The decoration of the windows is typically eighteen century with architectural geometric solutions that are adopted for the Pedrocchino too.

The roman sculptor Giuseppe Petrelli is the author of the lovely Egyptian style statuettes along the staircase of the hall.